San Luis Obispo Mexican Restaurant

Cuisine of Pancho´s

From the Mexican state of Zacatecas with all of its cultural influences comes your chef, Jaime Gonzalez, here to give you a taste of his home.

In Zacatecas, from days of old, beans and corn have been a staple food and go into many of the dishes you’ll see on this menu including tamales, burritos and tortillas.

The nightlife of the capital, Zacatecas, is alive with delicious food, restaurants, nightclubs and discos. A common Saturday night ritual is the “Callejonada Zacateca” where everyone parades through the city’s alleys, streets and plazas, dancing, singing, playing instruments and drinking all along the way.

Here at Pancho’s, flavor and authenticity is valued. So enjoy the authentic taste of real Mexican cuisine.

We Guarantee

At all our restaurants we are committed to providing you with high quality food, service and atmosphere. If you are not completely satisfied with your visit to Pancho’s, tell us! As our guest, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed...completely.

Our food is prepared fresh daily. We use only the highest quality ingredients and cook with 100% vegetable oil. Our cooks are not limited to items on the menu, so if you have a favorite Mexican specialty that we can prepare, just ask! We will be pleased to oblige you!

Reservations are gladly accepted.